Cushman & Wakefield Gains a Competitive Advantage by Adding "Sizzle" When Marketing New Projects


Cushman & Wakefield is a global real-estate services firm focusing on developing office, retail, and industrial properties. The firm believes in making an impact with everything they do worldwide, and its team members enjoy making big things happen for clients.

At the Houston, Texas office, Vice Chair James Foreman knows firsthand what working in a busy, highly competitive market is like.

“The industrial real-estate development cycle in Houston has been very active over the past seven years—there’s a lot of new development coming out of the ground,” said James. “It’s critical to be able to let the tenant broker community know early on in a project what that development will eventually look like.”

James’s team wanted to capture the brokers’ attention for a new project. They also wanted to show them how remarkable the development was going to be and how it would fill the various requirements of their clients. James knew that he could go the typical route and use architectural drawings and site plans. After all, he already had experience working with a provider that used drone footage and overlays to create marketing material for existing projects.

However, he wanted to make more of an impact. “Anybody can show drawings,” said James. “Drawings from architects are static, and you place viewers in the position of relying on blind faith that what they see will look like the image. Instead, we wanted to take it further and use animation to show the entire project come together. We wanted them to get excited, see the project in action, and have the project stay at the top of their minds. We were looking to add a bit of sizzle to our presentations.”

To produce something unique, James reached out to PRISM Renderings.

James Foreman

“I could not have been happier with everything, from quality to communication. The PRISM team has a positive, can-do attitude and delivers in a timely manner. Amazing job.”

James Foreman | Vice Chair, Cushman & Wakefield

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Houston, Texas

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For more than seventeen years, the PRISM Renderings team has completed more than twenty-five hundred projects in more than eighty cities. They prioritize creating a better community by focusing on building long-term relationships, and specialize in helping firms like Cushman & Wakefield turn visions into reality with photorealistic, animated renderings and video production.

For these reasons, James looked forward to working with PRISM Renderings; he trusted the company could present his planned projects in the best light.

“Until we started working with the PRISM team, we didn’t have the capability to show, in amazing detail, what projects would look like before they were built,” said James.

James received a high-quality marketing video depicting the planned development’s construction and used the video to market the property. The presentation was fresh and unique, and it achieved James’s objective of capturing the eyes and imagination of tenant brokers.

A still from the marketing video PRISM Renderings created for Cushman & Wakefield that included photorealistic, animated renderings of the project

Cushman & Wakefield 3D Rendering


Increased Competitive Advantage

“I strongly feel that video production gave us a huge competitive advantage,” said James. “It brought much attention to a project in an untested sub-market. That helped us reach our leasing objective.”

Fast Leasing

“The results came quickly,” said James. “Thanks to the attractiveness of our video, the speed at which we were able to lease the buildings was phenomenally quick. We got the early looks because we did something creative and a little sexier.”

Expanded Development

“As soon as the planned buildings were leased, new buildings were developed for some name-brand tenants,” said James. “The project is still rolling, but we don’t need to market with animation renderings anymore because everyone already knows about it.”

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PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
We look forward to working together to impact your city.