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3D Concept Design

It’s never too early in project development for vibrant 3D concept design renderings. After all, seeing is believing. The vision of one shared with many can be the difference between improbable and possible. Houston rendering company PRISM brings innovative real estate ideas to life with clarity, purpose, and passion. We work with our clients to visualize a better community and impact the city together.

If you build it, will they come? Developers, architects, and owners regularly call PRISM in as early as the due diligence phase. Even with limited available information, we can produce test fit site plans and preliminary building renderings. We use our architectural training to work through a series of questions to fill in the necessary details. PRISM’s consultative approach has been key to establishing trust and long-term relationships with our clients.

Clients are able to use early phase 3D conceptual renderings to:

  • secure land
  • solicit investment/project funding
  • complete a leasing contract
  • obtain regulatory/committee approval
  • publicize the project
Time is Money

The PRISM team understands that time is money. Our all-woman team of project managers have worked at architecture firms. We know how to efficiently bring the necessary people and pieces together. PRISM produces 3D concept design renderings very quickly because we know what elements of the design are most important to emphasize.

When every dollar counts, why invest in early phase 3D concept design renderings?

  • quickly and inexpensively develop a conceptual idea
  • generate an interior space layout to confirm overall building size
  • analyze a site for access and required infrastructure
  • view a proposed project within the surrounding architectural context
  • communicate project intent in relatable terms for uneducated audiences
  • share renderings as a value-add to others with a vested project interest

Our real estate renderings have been key to helping clients develop projects across the Sunbelt; we’re also doing more 3D concept design renderings in hot spots like Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Boise. Our clients are impacting cities in meaningful ways; PRISM works as a trusted partner, putting our passion to work to tell the story behind every project.

PRISM foremost values long-term client relationships and we are committed to helping our clients succeed. We believe the best results come from openness and teamwork, and our 3D conceptual renderings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Let’s visualize a better community together.

"Prism’s renderings brought amazing clarity to our development, which finally allowed brokers and tenants to easily understand locations, access and exposure of the properties we are marketing. Of course, Prism’s work is beautiful, and adds a dramatic level of professionalism to our marketing efforts. And Prism was head-spinningly fast in producing the renderings. But most importantly, the business value of their work exceeded our highest expectations. They paid for themselves within days. Our only regret is not hiring Prism sooner."

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for exceptional client service with responsive, effective communication and a relationship-centered approach.



PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
We look forward to working together to impact your city.