Seeing is Believing

About PRISM Renderings

PRISM Renderings presents what is otherwise invisible to others in easy-to-visualize, photorealistic renderings. The PRISM team can take even the roughest sketches with no other building documentation and turn them into richly detailed renderings for countless intended purposes. We help you visualize a better community by building long-term relationships, being our most authentic selves, and providing reliable expertise. Let’s impact the city together!
Our Story

A prism disperses light into its constituent colors. It doesn’t create something new, but brings out the details inherent in the light. The prism is the medium that provides a new perspective full of beauty, vibrancy and clarity. This is how PRISM serves our clients – using your original creative vision, we transform it into a bright, clear, rendered reality.

Jing Johnson started PRISM Renderings in 2005 to help clients leverage their project imagery as a business tool. Our project managers have advanced architecture degrees and worked for some of the largest firms in the world. With this experience, we share a common language with clients and understand the project process. Our team knows time is money and missed deadlines kill projects; we work on a 24-hour production model to make project delivery as efficient as possible. For clients working in the public sector, PRISM holds several different WBE/MBE certifications.

Vision Statement

To be a market leader in creating visual stories for commercial real estate stakeholders, building and improving our communities together.

Mission Statement

We serve commercial real estate clients at any project stage. Our design capabilities, creative solutions, and timely responses distinguish us from the competition.

Culture Statement

Prism has a collaborative and friendly culture. Responsible flexibility is paramount to helping us balance family life and work life in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment in both. We respect, support, and encourage one another to achieve our business goals and strive for excellence in all areas. Curiosity and compassion towards our team members and our clients is essential to better relate and understand each other’s experiences.



curious, respectful, relatable, consultative


"The team at Prism responds quickly to our needs, which is critical when we need to sell a vision to our executive team. We can only get so far with our proforma and market analysis, Prism's renderings bring that data to life for us as we progress a project through approvals."

"We’ve been working with Prism for the past couple of years and we’ve always received exceptional results. Prism’s turnaround time on our projects is the best we’ve ever encountered. Throughout the process of creating the renderings, Prism always gives the utmost attention to detail. The final results always exceed our and our client’s expectations and that’s a necessity since these renderings are used for marketing, city approvals and development goals."

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for exceptional client service with responsive, effective communication and a relationship-centered approach.



PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
We look forward to working together to impact your city.