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Walk-thru Virtual Reality (VR) Renderings

Welcome to the new frontier of renderings. PRISM’s walk-thru virtual reality (VR) renderings put the viewer inside the scene. These immersive renderings communicate a sense of place quite unlike other 3D interior visualizations. Seeing is believing. And PRISM exists to help clients visualize a better community. We’re ready to impact the city together with our clients.

There’s no need for specialty goggles or custom software with PRISM’s VR renderings. We deliver a finished digital file easily hosted on any platform. This interactive file puts the viewer in charge, with the ability to move through the rendering with one click to change the viewpoint. Our all-woman team has the architectural expertise to advise clients on effective VR renderings, delivered on time and per project requirements.

Seeing is Believing

Walk-thru virtual reality renderings from Houston 3D visualization firm PRISM are a powerful tool in real estate development marketing. For commercial and residential projects alike, we know seeing is believing for potential tenants. Our photorealistic, 360-degree panoramas are an eye-level view, giving the user the ability to pan up and down and fully turn around. PRISM maintains excellent communication and responsiveness during development of the VR rendering. This is how we build trusting, long-term client relationships.

Now more than ever, prospective tenants want a safe and easy option to virtually visit a space. PRISM’s VR real estate renderings make site visits possible from any location in the world, any time of day. In the ultra-competitive multifamily and senior living markets, the ability to walk through a resident’s future home could be the deciding factor for signing a new lease. VR renderings vibrantly detail fully furnished living and common amenity spaces, providing a deeper emotional connection than empty rooms.

In the retail, hospitality, and corporate markets, PRISM’s immersive walk-thru VR renderings are invaluable tools. Our project managers work with clients consultatively to develop the most effective views to meet client goals. PRISM’s passion and commitment to teamwork shines throughout the entire project process. Detailed walk-thru virtual reality renderings provide several benefits, including:

  • communicating a strong sense of usable square footage
  • illustrating how furniture placement impacts the functionality and flow within a space
  • demonstrating how various lighting types and intensities change the ambiance
  • ensuring the level of finishes are in line with the property class

Not only are VR renderings impactful for prospective end users, but they are also useful for developers, brokers, leasing agents, and owners to boost business decisions.

Walk-thru virtual reality renderings are here to stay. PRISM is committed to our clients’ success. To leverage the power of this new visualization tool, we promise open communication, responsiveness, and the spirit of teamwork necessary in all successful projects.

Together, let’s visualize a better community and make a positive impact in our cities.











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