How Broaddus Planning Delivers Helpful Conceptual Drawings to its Clients


A division of the Broaddus family of companies, Broaddus Planning provides a wide range of pre-design services that support capital project and site development programs. The combined experience of the firm’s team of licensed architects and credentialed planners spans more than sixty years, and each team member is committed to integrating sustainable planning principles.

One client enlisted the firm’s services in the development of a new behavioral health facility. The firm followed its usual protocol of gathering knowledge and working with stakeholders to define the facility’s space and function needs. Then, the firm informed the client of the proposed site’s scale and detailed cost estimate, which prepares the client to procure design and construction partners necessary to complete the project. In this case, the gathered information and estimates led to the realization the client didn’t have the funds needed to complete the project as planned.

“The client’s team came to us and asked for visual images of the plans that could be used to solicit donations,” said Greg Hughes, Managing Principal of Broaddus Planning. “They hoped that the concept images would present the character and general appearance of what the final project might look like.”

Since the Broaddus Planning team doesn’t typically create architectural drawings for clients, they reached out to PRISM Renderings.

Greg Hughes

"The team at PRISM Renderings is very professional. They are extremely responsive, and the quality of their work is impeccable. I highly recommend them."

Greg Hughes | Managing Principal, Broaddus Planning

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Austin, Texas

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Inpatient Facility


PRISM Renderings specializes in helping architects, developers, investors, facility owners, and brokers turn visions into reality with photorealistic renderings. However, that’s not exactly what Greg was looking for.

“We needed to produce drawings that weren’t quite photographic representations but rather more of a conceptual image,” said Greg. “The team at PRISM Renderings understood what we needed and quickly got to work.”

After fully digesting Broaddus Planning’s definition of the project, along with the architectural style and character, the PRISM Renderings team took those descriptions and produced the requested artwork.

“To make it clear the drawings were conceptual, we went with a watercolor look. The team did an awesome job with that,” said Greg. “We’ve continued to use PRISM Renderings for projects where it is helpful for our client to get an early conceptual image to help communicate project opportunities.”

The concept watercolor rendering PRISM Renderings created for Broaddus Planning

Conceptual Watercolor Rendering for Broaddus Planning


Expanded Scope of Services

"We may create simple model sketches, but we don’t produce rendered visual images—we simply don’t get into that level of detail internally," said Greg. "It was a great benefit to offer our client a service we don’t typically provide."

Affordable Service

“In addition to providing us with a value-added service, PRISM Renderings was able to give us exactly the type of drawing we needed for this client at a very reasonable price point,” said Greg.

Fast Turnaround

“I was amazed at how quickly the PRISM Renderings team can grasp our needs and put together a wireframe or sketch so that we can evaluate the view angles and other concerns,” said Greg. “Then, when it’s time for the fully rendered image, they move just as fast.”

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