A famous quote from “Father of the National Parks” John Muir goes, “the mountains are calling, and I must go.” It epitomizes his zeal for the outdoors, along with his passion for preservation. People around the world felt this call when COVID-19 restrictions closed all indoor gathering spaces. As spring rolls into summer, we celebrate both the natural and created environments that nurture and feed our wellbeing. Indeed, the very concept of leisure is an important aspect of overall wellness. Therapists classify leisure into five domains – physical, social, emotional/psychological, mental/cognitive, and spiritual. Engaging in activities is helpful to maintain a sense of balance. PRISM clients have long recognized the benefits of leisure and have used renderings to promote their projects in several ways. Renderings and animations are a vital tool in capital campaigns to communicate the breadth and depth of the project. The same goes for community awareness campaigns when residents want to have a sense of connection to projects happening in their own backyard. Renderings are also helpful to obtain municipal approval, assuring proper use of public funds. What mountains are calling you?



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