Leadership Lessons

Everyday life can present some of the best leadership lessons. My favorite Zumba instructor, Aline Da Silva, embodies leadership daily and here are some of the lessons I learn from her. Inspiring People As one of the best dancers in Brazil, Aline’s passion for Zumba and her amazing skill are truly inspirational. It’s contagious and attracts many followers into her classroom and online. Care for Others Aline is always there for us. When our gym was shut down due to the pandemic, she immediately organized free online dancing classes.

Those classes were crucial for us to relieve stress, keep fit, and stay sane during these strange times. Effective Communication Aline gives clear, effective instructions and signals, especially for complex choreography. She breaks it down to small moves that can be mastered quickly. Encourage Growth Aline never stops encouraging us to do better. She recognizes even our smallest improvements in order  to boost our self-confidence. The regular feedback keeps us on track and constantly growing. Have fun! Aline always makes sure that we are having fun. After all, Zumba is such a positive and uplifting experience that benefits the body and mind. Dancing with Aline never feels like a workout—it’s so enjoyable!


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