Just like the individual personal preferences of morning people, or night-time enthusiasts, renderings also portray different moods depending on the setting. This is why it’s so important for PRISM to understand our client's goals before we begin our work. The building's location and the character of the development are key components on deciding the time of day used. The time setting also determines other rendering details. Activities in and around the building vary throughout the day, as do people’s attire. For example, a social club during the day may be full of families splashing in the outdoor pool, but at dusk, it may be adults dressed nicely for cocktail hour. Office spaces are best shown in daylight during typical work hours, but if the office building has ground floor hospitality, an early evening view would better depict the shift in building use during the day. Dusk views also result in a more dramatic image. Incorporating building interior lighting in an evening view gives a glimpse inside the building without creating an entirely separate interior rendering. If a development is being marketed as a landmark destination, an aerial evening view provides perspective on the project's surroundings. Lighting also plays a pivotal role in evening and night-time renderings to make objects in the rendering look more realistic. Whether your team needs renderings for design analysis, project funding, or marketing, PRISM can cover all these details to ensure the final, rendered product meets all your needs.


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