The human retina is responsible for sensing light coming through the eye’s lens and converting it to the electric signals the brain perceives as images. Retina Consultants of Texas is the largest ophthalmology practice in Texas, specifically focused on the retina. They serve their mission to preserve vision with world-class medical and surgical retinal care and cutting-edge research. It is home to the largest retinal research center in the U.S.

The practice just opened their newest clinic, located in San Antonio. Serving as the flagship retina clinic and research center for Retina Consultants of Texas, the project is another example of how PRISM works with clients to positively impact their communities. Houston rendering company PRISM completed multiple marketing renderings. We worked with Harrell Architects to develop photorealistic renderings, bringing their vision to reality.

The renderings were used to both promote the new location and to build excitement among the current staff and prospective new employees. The new Retina Consultants of Texas location is larger and features more diagnostic equipment, allowing faster and more efficient patient treatment. The new office has larger waiting areas, more exam rooms, more parking, and a convenient drop-off area, all to enhance the patient experience. The new clinic also has enhanced research capabilities to connect patients to the latest and most advanced retinal treatment options currently in development.


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