EntreLeadership Summit 2023

True leadership is continually learning and investing in yourself and your development. I was privileged to attend the EntreLeadership Summit 2022, my seventh time since 2016. This world-class experience has had a significant impact on my leadership journey. It’s also been an inspiration in my pursuit of servant leadership every day.

In late May I attended the EntreLeadership Summit 2022 in Nashville. EntreLeadership is a training program that fuses the passion of entrepreneurs and the character of leaders to win in business. I have been attending Summit since 2016. Of course, I very much appreciate my awesome team members, who always hold down the fort, so I am able to work on myself.

The world-class experience has had a significant impact on my leadership journey. I’ve been particularly grateful to learn from phenomenal leaders who possess exceptional leadership qualities and genuine humility.

The EntreLeadership Summit 2022 speakers inspired me to focus on my pursuit of servant leadership every day. For many entrepreneurs, the thought of their work is being the best at what they do. But it's more important to remember the real purpose of work comes from serving others.

These were powerful leadership concepts that resonated with me:

“People don’t perform without positive emotional climates. You have to guard that, you are a steward of that.” – Dr. Henry Cloud on “Boundaries for Leaders”

“In a critical situation don’t think of plays, think of players.” – Coach Nick Saban on coaching

“Your job is not to do it all, it’s to make sure it all gets done.” – Patrick Lencioni on “The Six Types of Working Genius”

"Put others first. That's true leadership. Everybody leads. Decentralize command.” – Jocko Willink on “Leadership is the Solution”

“You have to be unreasonable to see a world that does not yet exist.’ – Will Guidara on “Unreasonable Hospitality”

"Your purpose is not the thing you do. It is the thing that happens in others when you do what you do." – Jade Simmons on “How to Move Like a Maverick”

“Take care of the people you have, and they will help you get the people you need.” – Ken Coleman on “Rules of Engagement”

“Train yourself to stand back and observe yourself. It will revolutionize the way you make rules. It will revolutionize your creativity and your intelligence.” – Dr. Caroline Leaf on “How to Train Your Brain to Learn Better, Focus Longer, and Stress Less”

“When you change your relationship with rejection, you change your life.” – Jamie Kern Lima on “Building a Billion-Dollar Business”

“If you don’t have love, everything around you turns to ash.” – Dr. John Delony on “Stand by Me”


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