Like every other group setting, churches were closed for COVID starting in March 2020. Most have reopened for in-person services. The church is a second home for many families, especially in smaller communities and economically depressed areas. Church is also the place where people living alone get their source of social interaction. And with their various ministries, churches are a vital link to desperately needed resources like food and clothing for those with nowhere else to turn. For many, churches can provide hope in whatever form it is needed. PRISM has worked on renderings and animations for over 40 liturgical projects. They are projects of all sizes, scope, and costs. Our work is most often used as part of capital campaigns to fund new and growing churches. As with any fundraising effort, the intent is to show a future state, what the new or renovated buildings will look like. The biggest challenge we at PRISM always have is how we communicate that hope that is intrinsic in every liturgical environment. We pay special attention to the lighting, scale and height, finishes and textures, and of course, the symbols of faith. This video highlights a handful of these projects we've had the privilege to be part of. Part of showing the future state also involves addressing fears congregations may have of the changes to come. In a recent project, the congregation was nervous about cutting down some trees to accommodate the improvements. PRISM worked closely with our architect client to produce renderings that would communicate the intricacies of the vision to the congregation. Upon seeing the renderings, congregants were not only happy, but the nervousness shifted to excitement!


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