How Mike Pittman Generated High-Velocity Leasing Momentum in Houston's East End Community


When Mike Pittman II was the Vice President of Real Estate at Urban Partnerships Community Development Corporation, he was responsible for leasing and developing the East End Maker Hub.

The 307,000-square-foot redevelopment project was a collaboration between the nonprofit and public sectors and sought to redefine entrepreneurship in Houston by providing equitable access to affordable workspace for local manufacturers, fabricators, crafters, innovators, artisans, and artists.

The project required the renovation of an existing building in an economically distressed, low-income community. Mike and his team worked with an architect to devise site and floor plans for the project, and when the renovation was underway, he began thinking about generating publicity and leasing the space. However, he needed renderings that could showcase the intended final product to do this effectively.

“I personally went out and interviewed a number of different companies,” said Mike. “All of them said they could provide what we needed, but the PRISM team stood out from the others.”

Mike Pittman II, CCIM

“Given the number of renderings that the PRISM team creates, it is truly impressive that they can maintain such excellent quality control. Every time I see the images transform from low resolution to high resolution, it’s just amazing.”

Mike Pittman II, CCIM | Director of Brokerage Services, Cushman & Wakefield

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Houston, Texas

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Manufacturing Center

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Mike and the rest of the development team partnered with PRISM Renderings, a renowned 3D rendering firm known for its ability to create lifelike, visually appealing, and detailed images.

The PRISM team worked closely with Mike to understand the design elements and vision of the project. They used the site plans and floor plans provided by the Master Architect to create a series of renderings that showcased the intended look of the East End Maker Hub.

“The renderings gave the people who weren’t on the development team or highly involved with the project a clear vision of what we were accomplishing,” said Mike, who is now a certified commercial investment member (CCIM) and the director of brokerage services at Cushman & Wakefield. “Not only did the renderings help us secure future interest in other projects, but they also helped create leasing momentum. The images provided a clear and tangible vision of the completed project, allowing potential tenants and the press to understand the value and potential of the development.”

PRISM Renderings demonstrated exceptional professionalism throughout the process, maintained strict confidentiality when required, and ensured a swift turnaround time without sacrificing quality. Given the success of this collaboration, Mike has since recommended the PRISM team to others in need of similar services, praising their skill, speed, and ability to create stunning visual representations of complex projects.

The rendering created by PRISM Renderings showed how people would use the East End Maker Hub space

UPCDC East End Maker Space Rendering


High-Velocity Leasing

The PRISM team’s high-quality renderings played a crucial role in generating interest and momentum in leasing the space. As a result, the East End Maker Hub experienced an impressive leasing velocity. Within eight months of delivery, the property reached 90 percent occupancy, exceeding expectations and indicating strong demand for the unique space.

Award-Winning Project

The East End Maker Hub was recognized with an Urban Land Institute Development of Distinction Award. Mike attributes part of this success to the detailed and lifelike renderings produced by PRISM Renderings.

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