The Women in the Workforce event, hosted by the Houston Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), featured a panel discussion with our very own Jing Johnson, Michelle Estes from Vitro Architectural Glass, Kathy Pflughoeft from Perkins Will, and Erin Wilson from dormakaba Americas. The panel provided valuable insights for navigating male-dominated industries, emphasizing the importance of knowledge, mentorship, strategies for work-life balance, flexibility for mothers, and self-advocacy in career advancement.

Collaboration among women within the industry was identified as a powerful tool for mutual support and progression. Suggestions were made for providing women with stretch opportunities and taking calculated risks to foster their growth and advancement.

Looking forward, participants discussed the evolving workforce landscape and the increasing presence of women, emphasizing the need for open communication and adaptability to technological changes. Strategies for achieving work-life balance were also shared, including setting boundaries and prioritizing quality over quantity.

The event addressed the pivotal role of women in supporting each other, both within and beyond the workplace. The panelists discussed the importance of firm support networks and mentorship opportunities for women at all career stages. Furthermore, they conversed about the significance of men's involvement in advocating for women's rights and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

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