Unlike fast food establishments, restaurant design is all about drawing diners in for a leisurely meal that may last for hours. And increasingly, the restaurant theme is manifest through the interiors; everything from finishes to lighting, color, and acoustics is carefully curated to reinforce the restaurant's brand. In a sector where build-out costs can climb as high as $750 per square foot, it’s important to have as clear a picture as possible of what the completed space will look like. This is why 3D renderings are the perfect tool to employ early in the project process. Whether the concept is modern minimalist or staid luxury, highly detailed renderings can provide an almost photo-realistic view of interiors that don’t exist yet. Even without drawings, PRISM can produce renderings from simple sketches and inspiration photos. It’s also easy to customize renderings. Want to show how different furnishing impact the traffic flow? Curious how changing colored accents will alter the overall look? Considering more accent lighting? Renderings help to make decisions before making expensive changes after construction has begun. When it comes to obtaining funding for your new restaurant concept and marketing to the hungry masses, renderings are a useful tool. With the ability to drill down to such details as the dining chair fabric and the custom pattern of partitions, it is possible to differentiate your concept from competitors.


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