Successful firms know when to leverage external resources to achieve better financial performance. We realize architects are fully capable of producing quality renderings. But is this the best use of staff time? From the business perspective, here are a few reasons why architects and interior designers may want to outsource this critical part of the design and presentation process. In the short term, partnering with PRISM on design assistance and rendering work provides these benefits: Greater capacity: Taking lower-level tasks off your employees’ plates frees up their time for more project work, which is generally a higher billing rate.

More available hours for project work means you can take on more projects without needing to hire additional employees. Increased productivity: Repetition creates mastery. 3D visualization is all PRISM does. We turn around renderings very quickly. Outsourcing renderings allows your team to focus on what they do best, making your whole process more efficient. Improved quality: Combining our skill and the latest rendering technology available, PRISM produces photo-realistic renderings that are publication quality. Images sell; high-quality renderings are critical for capital campaigns, marketing promotions, and public approval. Informed decision making: Progress renderings are a valuable tool firms can use internally in SD and DD to drive design decisions. Progress renderings are also beneficial to your clients; it is far faster and cheaper to make changes before construction is underway. This is why we consider renderings such an important tool at the design team’s disposal. The longer-term benefits of partnering with PRISM on design assistance and rendering work are just as powerful. Consider these: Profitability: Relegating young architects to a constant load of renderings can lengthen the timeframe of moving that employee to a higher billing rate. Retention: Similarly, assigning too many renderings over too long a period of time can squash a young architect’s desire to obtain licensure and transition into higher-level project roles. Or worse, the burnout of doing time-consuming rendering production may simply drive your staff away. Partnering: We know firms often do free work from fear of losing a project or client. It usually comes in the form of a request to produce visuals for an unfunded or unapproved project. PRISM partners with firms and works directly with their developer clients to produce these conceptual renderings. Relationships: Clients like working with trusted partners who understand them and their needs. By working behind the scenes to produce quality renderings and animations for our design clients, these design firms position themselves as a valued partner to their clients.


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