Drone photography has come a long way since the first known aerial photo was taken in 1858. A camera was tethered to a hot air balloon 262 feet in the air to get a bird’s eye view of a neighborhood outside of Paris. Since then, photographers have been capturing increasingly advanced images of our landscape as seen from above. This perspective gives the viewer a better sense of spatial relationships of large areas that couldn’t possibly be perceived on the ground. Now, with renderings superimposed onto aerial drone images, it is possible to get a true sense of how a planned building project will relate to its surroundings. PRISM has been producing such images for over two years. Our clients have realized several benefits:

  • Realistic, accurate site context representation – Using the most current drone footage, a superimposed rendering provides the most realistic and accurate representation for site layout of large scale projects. It is possible to see exactly what the finished project will look like.
  • Unique Viewpoints - Due to the flexibility of drone photos taken at different heights, unique views of the project are now possible. Using drone photos taken over the course of a day also shows the interplay of sunlight and shadows caused by new buildings.
  • Save on Time and Costs – The high level of detail provided by aerial footage saves time and costs by allowing project teams to identify any concerns or issues as early in the planning phase as possible.
  • Stay Ahead of the Industry – Aim high! Drone-integrated renderings are increasingly being included in project funding and development packages. These views provide another level of detail for decision making to put investors and prospective tenants at ease.



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