Voters in the Sands Consolidated Independent School District said YES to their students! They approved an $85 million bond issue to build an expansive new PreK – 12 campus, which is expected to break ground later this year. Shiver-Megert & Associates designed the campus and commissioned PRISM to produce a 3-minute animation for the bond campaign.
The animation features both exterior and interior views of the new building to give the community a look at its special safety and access features. PRISM worked closely with the design team to capture how their solutions met school staff and board concerns. Since the school is a community destination for many theater/drama and sporting events, Shiver-Megert conceived a design with separate entries and lobbies to provide community access that wouldn’t interfere with students during school hours.
The new building totals 142,000 SF. It is split into grade-level areas and includes career tech education, dedicated special education classrooms, a 610-seat auditorium, a main gym with seating for 582, a smaller activity gym, a weight room, a high-tech library, and a large cafeteria with access to outdoor dining. Outside, there will be new tennis courts, a new track, and a concession area. Shiver-Megert also included updated security throughout the building, including access controls to each classroom, bullet-resistant glass, and a safe harbor room.The campus is expected to open in August 2025, ahead of the new school year.

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