We all define ROI as Return On Investment. Here is another possible definition – Reasons Often Indiscernible. We know outsourced renderings are an expense firms want to keep in check. Which is why it’s critical we understand the end purpose you want your renderings to serve. What value can we bring beyond the deliverable itself? Some clients simply don’t have the resources or capacity to do renderings in house. Some clients view outsourcing as a cost savings, as we outlined in [this blog post.] But any architect, designer or developer likely can relate to the ROI these PRISM clients received by trusting us with their project vision. 1) Winning new work “With a very short amount of time, Jing was able to facilitate getting us a number of high quality architectural renderings that enabled us to win a significant project for the firm.” -Scott Cutlip, Vice President at Kirksey

2) Achieving project approval Jing provided us with a professional rendering on a very tight schedule. Not only was the rendering exactly what we had hoped for, it also won over the municipal board and helped us achieve our approvals. -Ian Asselstine, Director of Investment Properties at Ledcor Properties, Inc.

3) Communicating design intent PCG has provided several high quality interior renderings with intricate materials and sophisticated interior lighting schemes. Our clients now request her renderings after conceptual design on all of our high profile projects so they have a comprehensive understanding of the space and material selections. -Bill T. Gray, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Associate at Abel Design Group

4) Meeting client deadlines PCG’s services help us design in advance of the normal design process, they are an interactive part of design. Every package we send to a lender has PCG renderings. It’s a very easy process working with PCG; they stay on top of us and proactively engage us to meet deadlines. -Rick Stinson, Acquisitions & Development Partner at The Hanover Company

5) Previewing the design One client with expansion space wanted a rendering for the large wall covering the expansion. Instead of a blank wall, people could see what the new casino would look like; the client used it for a “coming soon” message to warm up their patrons, because people can all understand a picture. -John Montgomery, Co-founder of Montgomery Roth Architecture Our business is not just to provide quality visualization services. Our business is understanding your goals and how renderings can play a part to achieve them. So what ROI might be hiding within your firm?

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