Remember to Show Up

Our family's first fly-fishing trip in Colorado last fall was exciting and memorable.

We learned the process and techniques from our pro-fly-fishing guides. I truly enjoyed casting the fly for hours, surrounded by the Aspen trees' vibrant fall colors and the clear mountain runoff stream, despite I caught ZERO rainbow trout! Getting in the casting action while immersing myself in the solitude of nature is way more valuable than the result.This incredible experience was validated by the marketing icon Seth Golden's recent interview in a leadership podcast. Golden pointed out that obsessing with outcomes can be toxic and short-term. Continuing to SHOW UP and follow a process is far more critical. After all, the outcomes are the results of the process. To prove his point, he talked about his own fly-fishing experience which he even removed the hook from the fly to "disconnect with the outcome" and enjoy the process. In this new year, remember to Show Up every day and follow a proven process of your business. The outcomes will happen as the result. Wishing you all a fabulous journey in 2021!


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