At PRISM, we have a few favorite activities: celebrating birthdays, commemorating work anniversaries, and touring the buildings we've brought to life.
This month, several of our Houston team members enjoyed a delightful day filled with celebration and exploration. We started with a lunch to celebrate Sarah and Deborah's work anniversaries, then embarked on a tour of various projects in the Cypress area. A highlight of the day was visiting our longtime client, J.A. Greene Construction.
Here are some of the projects we toured:

·      Highpark Apartments | Venterra Realty

·      Alys Crossing | Hines

·      Houston’s First Baptist Church - Cypress Campus | Kirksey Architecture

·      Second Baptist Church - Cypress Campus | Kirksey Architecture

·      Fry & Tuckerton Retail Shops | Gulfcoast Commercial Group

·      Cypress Marketplace | Williamsburg Enterprises

·      Barker Cypress Distribution Building | Molto Properties

·      Barker Cypress Business Park | J.A. Greene Construction Services

·      PrologisLegacy Point | Prologis (coming soon)

It was a wonderful opportunity to see these developments up close and appreciate the impact of our work in the community. Reflecting on the past 18 years since starting PRISM, our initial projects were mostly outside Texas, making site visits a rarity. It was a thrilling milestone when we began working on projects in Houston. Before I knew it, we had completed over a dozen projects within a 10-minute drive from my home!

Our team has poured immense dedication into these projects, and it’s truly satisfying to see everyone take a moment to "stop and smell the roses" and appreciate the outcomes of our collective efforts. Click each image to see the rendering versus reality.

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