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As a member of Vistage Community, Jing regularly receives insights from some of the nation’s leading business experts during her monthly group meetings. Prism leadership team is also invited to attend these speaker sessions and have the first-hand learning experience. Though the group is now Zooming, the experts continue to be just as engaging. Recent speakers included Charles Scott speaking on “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and Dave Nelsen addressing “The future and how to prosper in it.” As a National Geographic adventurer, Scott advocates for using discomfort to your advantage and informed risk taking as two ways to achieve business or personal success. He also recommends looking for the unexpected benefits that can come from loss. When considering the age-old question of “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?” Scott recommends harnessing the sparks of vitality that live within each of us. Dave Nelsen, a renowned Vistage speaker, gave this food for thought: the human genome was first sequenced relatively recently (2003) at a cost of $2,700,000,000. Fifteen years later, DNA sequencing kits were made available to the general public for a cost of $70, a reduction in price of 38,599,000X, not even adjusting for inflation. That’s the effect of exponential acceleration. Computing is still accelerating exponentially. The amount of information businesspeople must deal with is expanding exponentially. Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating exponentially. Augmented reality (AR) is accelerating exponentially. With better future vision, leaders can make better business decisions. They can drive innovation more effectively.


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