The possibility of emptiness is something many people have a hard time envisioning. Here’s another way renderings can bring ideas to life. Multipurpose rooms are common in many types of buildings, from schools to hotels. The physical enclosure of the room – walls, ceiling, doors, and windows – stays the same, but what is happening inside the room can vary considerably. PRISM has worked on many types of projects, showing our clients the different ways one room can serve many functions as seen in the video above. For example, a small fellowship hall in a church could be set up for either a banquet, a meeting, or a smaller church service. A school multipurpose room might need to accommodate kids’ open play, a graduation ceremony, or a dance. PRISM renders the base room with one specific use. We can then provide additional views of the base room with modified uses, at a reduced fee. The service has been especially helpful for our clients running capital campaigns, to show potential donors the flexibility of the building. Modified-use renderings are also useful for our developer clients who want to communicate the various build-out options within a building shell, to either obtain project funding or for pre-leasing. We were also called in to provide renderings for a local unused sports facility that has been considered for redevelopment as an events facility, as part of the project proposal process. When faced with a big space of nothing, PRISM will be happy to help you see the possibilities!


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