New HQ for human habitat company

During the COVID-19 pandemic more than ever, Out is In™. Houston-based company TAXA Outdoors is relocating to a facility triple the size of their current Heights location. Their new 70,000 s.f. headquarters will be a combo production facility and customer showroom. It comes as the company is ramping up production to meet the growing demand for camping gear. TAXA’s unique offering is what they call “camping machines.” Founder and CEO Garrett Finney is a former NASA senior architect who worked on the International Space Station’s Habitation Module. His designs for TAXA’s mobile habitats are a middle ground between tent camping and RVs. They range from a 10-foot trailer with a tent platform to a 19-foot fully enclosed camper with a toilet and shower. PRISM produced renderings for the new corporate headquarters to help TAXA with the space layout; they wanted to maximize customer areas while meeting space needs for production. TAXA also relied on the renderings as part of their media relations and marketing efforts. PRISM suggested creating a mural on the facility façade to bring TAXA higher visibility in the community.


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