Anyone who has ever renovated a house before (or watched a renovation on HGTV) knows the process can be quite an adventure! Commercial renovation projects come with their own set of challenges AND the potential for big rewards. PRISM works closely with clients undertaking renovations, to help them work through design options and see how the finished project will look in the existing surroundings. This video shows some renovation projects our team has worked on showing the existing space and the 3d rendering that captures the vision for the proposed renovation. During the current economic environment, it may be more viable to undertake a renovation rather than ground-up new construction. Not only is the cost-per-square-foot potentially lower, but a renovation can also result in higher ROI than new builds. Delivery time for renovations also tends to be quicker, with design, permitting, and construction happening much faster. Houston, like many large urban markets, has very limited greenfield sites, and those that are available usually cost a premium. It’s also worth considering the history of the prospective renovation project. Preserving a historic or landmark building keeps the architectural heritage alive for future generations to enjoy.


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PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
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