You diligently recycle all your plastic grocery bags and the annoying shrink wrap around all your kid’s new toys. Ever wonder what happens to it? In a perfect circular solution, all that plastic film would be cleaned, shredded, melted, squeezed through an extruder, and transformed into tiny pellets that go on to another life as a new product. And the largest producer of those tiny beads, called post-consumer resin (PCR) pellets, is here in Waller, Texas. NaturaPCR hired Goree Architects to lead the design of a massive new processing facility that will allow NaturaPCR to continue scaling its business. Goree worked with PRISM to produce aerial drone superimposed renderings of the new configuration of the site with the building included.

NaturaPCR’s production process relies on efficiently receiving and moving raw recyclables. With a footprint of 268,800 s.f., the new building will be a sizeable presence on the site. Goree painstakingly went through each step of the receiving and processing process with NaturaPCR to understand their pinch points and how to overcome them. Goree recommended the renderings so NaturaPCR could visualize how the whole site would look once fully functioning and confirm the final site layout would optimize their materials handling. The collaboration between NaturaPCR, Goree, and PRISM is a great example of how using detailed visuals can aid decision-making during project development. Construction is underway and is expected to be complete in Q2 2024.

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