Commercial real estate may feel to some like a wild card right now. Many companies continue to assess their workplace requirements for employees being in the office. Hospitality has evolved to offer touchless experiences. Retail that was mostly online during the pandemic is back to brick-and-mortar with the added convenience of curbside pick-ups. PRISM supports developers, owners, and architects with photorealistic renderings and animations at even the earliest phases of retail projects.

Our clients have found renderings to play a critical role in the development, marketing, and execution of retail projects. With a detailed 3D rendering, stakeholders can “see” an unbuilt project and get a sense of the shopping experience. Renderings are an effective toolset for communication, collaboration, design development, fundraising, and marketing.

Consider these additional value propositions:

  • Engage investors: Increase the likelihood of securing more funding by showing investors the potential of the proposed retail project.
  • Reduce risk: A pre-leased project allays developers’ fears. Renderings show tenants what they’re getting and what the customer experience will be; securing leasing early in the process can be crucial for financing.
  • Streamline design: Realistic exterior and interior renderings can help design teams and clients fine-tune projects and identify possible function and construction issues.
  • Achieve approval: Think of renderings as a bridge between the development vision and the regulatory or architectural review committee’s requirements. This facilitates a more efficient approval process by offering a clear image of the project as it pertains to established design guidelines and regulations.

Developing renderings from extremely limited project information is one of PRISM’s specialties. Our team of project managers all have architectural training and backgrounds and can fill in the gaps common in early-phase retail projects.

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