For the past 18 years, PRISM has proudly collaborated with architectural firms on numerous public sector projects as a woman-owned firm with an all-female team. However, we had never explored the opportunities of directly engaging with the organizations that need our services. We are excited about the enormous resources and new opportunities for upcoming projects with Port Houston and other organizations.

With our recently renewed State of Texas HUB certification and City of Houston WBE and MBE certificates, and our new SBE/WBE/MBE certificates with Port Houston, we eagerly welcome more collaborations with architectural and engineering firms in the public sector.

We invite you to connect with us and explore how we can work together to bring your projects to life. Reach out to us today to start a conversation and discover the potential of partnering with PRISM.

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PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
We look forward to working together to impact your city.