We’ve hit the dog days of summer. This phrase comes from Greco-Roman history. It is when the constellation Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris) rises alongside the sun in late July. People believed the heat from the two stars combined to produce the hottest days of the year. They called this time “dies caniculares” or “days of the dog star.”

Especially as we in Houston have been under a heat dome for much of July, it can feel like the days drag on under the oppressive heat. But look up at the clear night sky. Sirius is the brightest star. It reminds me to stay optimistic, to look on the bright side, if you will.
We’re officially in the second half of the year. I’m humbled by the fact PRISM is now working in 45 cities. This growth was part of our plan, accomplished through our team’s dedication and the unwavering support of our clients.
As we enter the second half of the year, we remain focused on our shared vision and commitment to excellence. I continue to explore new opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration. And I turn to YOU to ask – how can we better serve your needs? What services will enhance your projects? Is there anything I or my team can do to help you grow?
Stay cool, look up every now and then, and reach out any time you’d like to talk. Call me at 281-799-4800. Oh, please also check out our social media channels InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube. It’s where we post our most current info.

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PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
We look forward to working together to impact your city.