While many sectors struggled through 2020, single and multi-family residential soared. In Houston, home sales saw a 10% increase over 2019 sales. December 2020 was the strongest December on record. What’s more, the median price rose 8.7% to an all-time high of $273,443. The average price increased 11.4% to a whopping $347,164, setting yet another record. PRISM has been working increasingly with custom home builders, luxury residential architects, interior designers, and realtors. Our renderings and animations have proven to be a valuable marketing and sales tool for this niche, allowing the sales process to begin even before construction starts. Renderings provide ultimate flexibility to show the impact different finishes and fixtures have on aesthetics. In higher price point areas, realtors are also using renderings to demonstrate possible façade enhancements of existing homes to prospective buyers. As interest rates remain low, HAR reports pending sales are strong. January has been another month of heavy market activity, with people continuing to spend more time at home. This video demonstrates PRISM's recent work and creative approach to assisting clients in the high-end residential sector.


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