Sketches are one way the vision for a building is translated from the mind’s eye onto paper or the computer screen. Such early phase visuals are also hugely beneficial for tentative projects to become reality. Did you know the PRISM team can take even the roughest sketches with no other building documentation and turn them into richly detailed renderings? See examples in the video. Developers, architects, and owners call us in as early as the due diligence and conceptual design phases. Working from a hand drawn or rough SketchUp building sketch, we use our architectural training to work through a series of questions so we can fill in the sketch with the necessary building details. Clients are able to use this level of rendering to secure land, solicit investment/project funding, complete a leasing contract, obtain committee approval, or for marketing/PR purposes. Because many on the PRISM team worked at architectural firms previously, we understand that time is money. We are able to produce the early-phase level of renderings very quickly, because the greater details of the design are not yet as important. By outsourcing early renderings to PRISM, our clients are able to divert that time to other projects that are further along. And since we speak architecture, the collaboration between developer or architect and PRISM is efficient. So why spend more time in-house when you have other deadlines and your staff is already at full capacity? We’d love to see your sketches and help turn your vision into reality!


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PRISM Renderings specializes in photorealistic renderings for various types of projects throughout Houston and across other cities.
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