Going with the growth in Austin

Educated, young people are moving to Austin’s far suburbs and bringing their higher-than-average incomes with them. Real estate firm Rockspring is ready to serve them. The developer has been busy courting national quick-service restaurant chains and retailers to fill their new mixed-use property, Stonewall Crossing. The development is in Liberty Hill, a burgeoning city 30 miles north of Austin and eight miles north of Leander, rated the fastest growing large city (defined as a population of 50,000+) by the U.S. Census report in 2019. Stonewall Crossing broke ground in July and already has several quick-service restaurants (QSRs) under contract as well as Auto Zone and a Circle K convenience retailer. This project includes two buildings that front Texas Hwy 29; pads range in size from 0.75 acres to 2.89 acres. LA Architects, Inc. commissioned PRISM to produce renderings to help market the development.  The favorable Liberty Hill demographics made the development a no-brainer for Rockspring to pursue. The median city age is 34.2 years and median family income is $73,125. Matt Powell, economic development director for the City of Liberty Hill, is leveraging the flurry of new development around the city to bring in more employers. “People are keenly aware that in our ETJ (jurisdiction) we have in the neighborhood of 40,000 people with competitive educations and incomes. Retailers are looking for that. We don’t dictate market forces, but what we can do is actively recruit businesses that will raise the quality of life and create primary jobs for Liberty Hill,” he told the Liberty Hill Independent newspaper.


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