The holiday season is in full gear! Celebrations, gift exchanges, tasty treats, and time with family and friends all make for a special, festive time of year. For some, the season may come with a touch of anxiety or sadness. Research has shown that one simple act can help lift spirits – give thanks.

According to Harvard Health, psychology research has shown that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, embrace good experiences, improve their health, and address adversity more effectively. Though thankfulness and gratitude are slightly different, both yield positive results. Thankfulness is feeling pleased or relieved, whereas gratefulness is showing appreciation for someone.

Easy ways to practice gratitude – and give thanks – around the holidays and any time include:

  • Thank someone, mentally or verbally, even if they don’t hear you!
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Write a gratitude letter or email to someone.
  • Take a walk and notice nature’s details.
  • Compliment others, and yourself, in a genuine way.

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