Everywhere a sign
Signage is a fundamental element in branding living communities. Whether a neighborhood, master planned community, or a multifamily complex, the entrance sign announces the name and helps set the stage for what lies ahead.  At the basic level, entrance signage provides the wayfinding to direct people into a development. It might be a simple singular sign or an elaborate gateway feature and is located at the defined border of the community. The signage design, materials, fonts/colors, and extra features like landscaping or water elements, visually communicate the community brand. Entrance signage is just one component of placemaking.
 Other benefits of custom entrance signage include:
  • Improved safety – clear and well-lit signage can lower the risk of vehicular collisions
  • Increased property value – homes tend to sell more quickly and for higher prices in neighborhoods with signage vs. those without
  • Clearly defined borders – residents and visitors see the distinction between adjacent neighborhoods
  • Greater community pride – well-kept, attractive entrance signage can signal an engaged community
PRISM works with developers, landscape architects, and homebuilders to envision entrance signage options for various development types.


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