Divine encounters in The Woodlands

Since the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church started in 1997, it has grown 2,400%. This parish in The Woodlands opened with 300 families and now numbers 7,500. Every aspect of their facilities is strained. Working with Jackson & Ryan Architects, the parish embarked on their Horizon capital campaign to complete three new buildings “to encounter God and Community.” PRISM developed renderings to effectively showcase the projects the campaign will address. The existing multipurpose space will be remodeled into the campus Sheltz Hall Welcome Center. It will feature a cafe with casual seating, additional adult meeting rooms, an indoor playscape, and renovated bathrooms. It will be open to the community all week. A new multipurpose building will be used primarily for youth ministry and the school; it can also be used for large event space and overflow Masses during Christmas and Easter. The existing school cafeteria will be relocated to this building, and it provides a dedicated space to serve all youth ministry programs throughout the week. A new chapel will provide a desperately needed additional space for everyone to encounter God. The current chapel and sanctuary are used for adoration; it is the only space for the sacrament of penance, and cannot accommodate all the requests for weddings and funerals due to scheduling conflicts. The new chapel will alleviate space conflicts and allow the current chapel to become a perpetual adoration chapel.


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