Many parts of the U.S. are experiencing record-high temperatures this summer. Here in Houston, we broke the electricity demand record for Texas on June 26. Pools offer a bit of cool respite from the harsh heat. And for developers of multifamily properties, health clubs, and wellness spas, pools are a captivating amenity to bring in more residents and members.

PRISM has worked with dozens of developers over the years to produce 3D renderings and photorealistic animations of all varieties of pools. Especially in multifamily and student housing properties, pools and the surrounding suite of deck amenities have evolved to elevated luxury levels. Developers have long recognized the power of using these seductively detailed images in their marketing materials.

Pools are synonymous with luxury. Showcasing them in marketing materials immediately elevates the perceived value of the property. Pools are also a tangible representation of the sought-after lifestyle developers aim to deliver. And the visual appeal! Sparkling, clear blue water surrounded by lush landscaping and stylish lounging and socializing areas is a captivating way to differentiate a development. On a practical level, pools can significantly impact rental rates and occupancy levels in multifamily properties and increase membership at private clubs. What are you waiting for? Dive in and have PRISM bring your pool vision to vivid life.

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