3D models are powerful tools architects and designers use to communicate space. The layout of the space, lighting, and the finishes within it can entirely and distinctly differentiate two spaces of the same size. Home design shows are popularizing 3D models, using them to guide homeowners through the design process to their dream kitchen, master bath, man cave – the list goes on. Outside of the TV studio, firms are using models in increasing ways. PRISM helps clients take a limited model to a richly detailed, polished rendering quickly and efficiently. This video shows some of the basic models' PRISM received, compared to the professional renderings we produced. Architects use our renderings in many ways:

  • Internal design development
  • Supplemental information in design packages
  • Qualifications packages and proposals
  • Project-specific marketing and promotion
  • Media outreach
  • Client or end-user design buy-in
  • Project executive approval

In our experience working with architects, the low-quality renderings have the potential for a negative impact on their design approval process. The end-user may see a disconnect between the quality of the rendering and the perceived final quality of the design. We use our clients' original models and add a high level of detail to the finishes and lighting, allowing the end-user to see a more accurate and life-like representation of the architect’s vision.



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