You likely remember the line from Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.” Church congregations often stake their hopes on this belief when undertaking capital campaigns, hoping for both the Heavenly Spirit and a larger congregation. Whether it’s a new facility or completely new campus, a renovation or expansion, communicating the cost of the project in relatable terms is a critical factor for success. Many congregations will go through only one capital campaign per generation of membership. This is compounded by the fact that very few congregants have any architecture or construction knowledge. Fundraising amounts in the thousands can feel as overwhelming as amounts in the millions. Yet uniting a congregation around a common goal can build the momentum and inspiration needed for success.

Renderings and animations can give congregants the visuals needed to both understand the components of the project as well as the breakdown of the budget. For example – consider listing the individual costs of the fellowship hall, kitchen, gathering rooms, and sanctuary. Within this breakdown, consider providing the square foot cost of the different program areas. In this way, a family can better see the impact their $100 donation will make. PRISM has done renderings and animations for several congregations, as part of their capital campaigns, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Second Baptist Church, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, First Presbyterian Church Houston, Church of the King, Calvary Episcopal Church, and many others.


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