In the heart of the River Oaks corridor, a three-story single-tenant office building will emerge as a true embodiment of maritime inspiration. This architectural masterpiece has a nautical-inspired design and a striking wave pattern on the corner stair tower, which gives a nod to the specialty services the business owner provides for visiting stevedores.

PRISM was honored to work on this exciting project with WINDLE + VOLPE Architects and produce the rendering to convey what the building would look like to the owner.  The 6,000 sf. boutique office building will allow the company to consolidate multiple office locations into one corporate headquarters.

As cities evolve, so do the needs and preferences of the workforce. The era of expansive corporate offices is giving way to a more personalized approach. Small private office buildings embody this shift, often housing a handful of businesses or even a single entity.  These unassuming gems are redefining the urban workspace, offering an alternative to traditional commercial spaces. Embracing intimacy, connectivity, and individuality, these structures are reshaping how we perceive work environments in the city's heart.

Small private office buildings break free from the one-size-fits-all mold and provide a sanctuary from noise, offering serene work environments that enhance productivity and well-being. These buildings incorporate green spaces, rooftop gardens, and thoughtfully designed interiors, providing a refreshing contrast to the concrete jungle outside.


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